Inside Zane's Rod and Custom Shop

This all got started back around '03 with a '51 Mercury. We found the Merc through the neighbor of a distant family member. The neighbor had a classmate whose's a long story but in the end we had a smokin' ride and sold it at auction. After paying off the bills incurred for the build there was enough money left over to buy more tools. From there, we just kept going.

Today, there is more than just custom builds. We met the demands of customers who wanted us to fix their daily drivers. Through word of mouth the service side of our business grew. And it keeps growing. Now we maintain the fleets of some well known valley corporations. We also opened a store on eBay. We sell used, new and almost new parts to car guys and gals across the country and beyond. We've made friends with customers in Australia and the UK. Soon we'll be opening our own website store with even more specialized products and help other car enthusiasts with their own building projects!

62 S. Center, Mesa, AZ 85210 Phone: 480.233.4728